NEA Awards Login page

ONLY recipients of Diploma awards in the National Eisteddfod of SA in 2016 can enter ONLINE for the NEA Young Performer Awards Competition 2017.
TOP ACHIEVERS in other festivals/eisteddfods can also enter: Click HERE for more information.
(ALL reading and unprepared categories are excluded)

To log in, please enter the NAME, SURNAME and unique PARTICIPANT NUMBER of the participant you want to enter.
If you don't know the unique PARTICIPANT NUMBER, click HERE and follow the procedure
Please remember/write down this number for future reference.
Please note the following
i) Do not use any special characters
ii) You may also enter any part of name/surname Example( "van der Merwe" , "vd Merwe" search on {merwe} will find both)
iv) If you can't find your participant record, Please email the NEA Office with more detail (Name, Surname, CellNo, etc)

The following info is currently not required

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